Richard Boll

Six Degrees of Freedom

Six Degrees of Freedom Six Degrees of Freedom is a response to looking at the late seascapes of the painter J.M.W. Turner, and to the challenges photography faces in expressively rendering the sea. The project involved attaching a pinhole camera to navigation buoys in the Solent, and making exposures ranging from four minutes to an […]

Form and Void II

Form and Void II These images seek to examine the interconnectedness of the forms and voids that exist within the landscape, and how these elements translate to the pictorial (specifically photographic) space. Parallel to this is a consideration of aspects of cultural geography; humankind’s place within this landscape and its relationship to it. The Chinese […]

Form and Void

Form and Void Rooted in an interest in minimalism and visual purity, this project consists of a set of photographs taken in the snow covered mountains of Voss and Myrkdalen in Norway. The photographs can be visually confusing, echoing the sensation of being in a blizzard, when orientation and balance can be compromised. The eye […]


Colour Studies, Morocco  


Colour Studies, Minnesota These images were taken using a Hasselblad film camera on a journey in and around the Superior National Forest, Minnesota in October 2017. Rather than being taken as an end product, I chose to shoot them as sketches; poetic visual story-telling devices. This decision liberated my approach to capturing the familiar theme […]

Death in the Afternoon

Death in the Afternoon Whilst taking portraits of people during a pheasant-shoot, I took multiple frames in quick succession in order to capture the subjects blinking. Portrayed in this way the subjects seem to be withdrawn into a state of numb reflection. Their expressions, coupled with the bleakness of the snow-covered fields seem to echo […]

Pulchritudo Vulgaris

Pulchritudo Vulgaris (The Beauty of the Ordinary) Though a regular sight above Brighton in East Sussex throughout the winter, the evening gathering of Common Starlings (Sturnus Vulgaris) is an occurrence of exceptional grace and beauty. With varying degrees of abstraction, these images are intended to express the shifting and poetic amalgamation of Common Starlings, known […]


Gallery These images are from “Gallery”, a series of images taken in Cape Town, Barcelona and London that examine the stripped down, purified space of the art gallery. They represent a personal search for balance and refinement through minimalist photography that I began in 2004 with a project entitled “Studio”, that took an oblique view […]

Studio II

Studio II These images examine the unlikely minimalist purity inherent in a variety of photographic studio spaces. Though the spaces depicted are functional; designed as departure points for the controlled creation of photographic images, when the various drop-down paper backgrounds and seemingly depthless “infinity curves” are juxtaposed against the cluttered lines and detritus of the […]

Studio I

Studio I