Richard Boll

Road is an ongoing project that utilises photographs taken at night on a remote road in Crete.

The images were taken with an awareness of war crimes that were carried out in the area by the Nazis in 1941. After the Germans invaded the island, strong resistance was shown by the local population, and in reprisal, many villages were razed and hundreds of civilians were massacred. The project is haunted by the consequences of nations acting as if free from all moral and legal constraints. The project has become a device through which I channel my anger toward individuals whose ideology and influence result in the deaths, injuries, and misplacement of countless innocent people. The transformation of these feelings into creative expression is a way of communicating and sharing universal feelings of heartache and outrage.

I have taken the original images through an intuitive process of alteration and the nature and structure of the project continue to evolve as images are added and removed over time.

Images from this project were shortlisted in the professional creative category of the Sony World Photography Awards in 2023  and were selected for issue 16 of Der Greif magazine.