Richard Boll


Form and Void

Rooted in an interest in minimalism and visual purity, this personal project consists of a set of photographs taken in the snow covered mountains of Voss and Myrkdalen in Norway.

The photographs can be visually confusing, echoing the sensation of being in a blizzard, when orientation and balance can be compromised. The eye is led around the compositions by coloured posts, in a comparable way to somebody being led down a mountain.

My intentions with these images looks to both the history of minimalist painting as well as to current ideas in contemporary photography. The project touches upon notions of exploration and navigation, as well as being an exercise in reduction; pushing the limits of how little can be present in a photograph, and it still function as an effective image.

Out with an investigation into minimalism and the contemporary sublime, the project is also a quiet comment on man’s relationship with nature; that of attempting to tame, shape and control nature to our own ends.

Archival-quality limited edition photographs from the project can be purchased here.