Richard Boll

Commissioned Still Life and Portrait Photography for J & A Beare, London

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J & A Beare are an internationally-renowned musical instrument dealer based in London and Germany.

Their reputation has been built over 125 years of authenticating, valuing, making, restoring and selling musical instruments and bows.
They recently asked me to provide them with portrait photography of their members of staff as well as interior photographs of their premises on Queen Anne Street in London. I first took photographs of J & A Beare in 2015 for Rolls Royce Magazine, and it was wonderful to be back in the calm, quiet spaces of their premises. It’s an amazing experience to look inside the workshops where the beautiful instruments are lovingly restored by their expert craftsmen. As well as the portraits and interiors, the commissioned photography also included still life images of the instruments and bows that are being repaired and that are for sale.
More of my still life photography can be seen here and more of my portrait photography can be seen here.


Product photography of cellos and violins in London

Simon Morris Manager at J & A Beare, London

Violin bridges at a musical instument dealer in London

Monika Bulsiewicz repairing a violin bow in London

Interior photograph of J & A Beare in London

Interior-photography-for-J & A-Beare-in-London